I just tried to flash the LEDE firmware onto a TP-Link Archer C7 v2.0 (EU) router and ran into some problems. Because of some EU frequency regulations the manufacturers had to lock down their devices and therefore use more or less woking strategies  to prevent the installation of alternative firmware(s) like OpenWrt, DD-Wrt or LEDE.

While trying to upload the LEDE binary, the web interface threw the following error:

Error code: 18005

Upgrade unsuccessfully because the version of the upgraded file was incorrect. Please check the file name.

To bypass this, i had to rename the LEDE binary to the name of a official update file for the currently installed version:

Hardware Version: Archer C7 v2 00000000

Installed firmware: 3.15.1 Build 160616 Rel.44182n

  1. Download LEDE: LEDE For TP-LInk Archer C7 v2.0 EU in version 17.01.03
  2. Rename the file to: ArcherC7v2_en_eu_3_15_1_up_boot(160616).bin
  3. (Some people reported that your connected client must have a static ip address of for the upload to work , but maybe this is not necessary. Please comment if it works with other IPs.)
  4. Go to the admin interface (with factory firmware installed) of the router and upload the renamed file under “System Tools” -> “Firmware Upgrade”.
  5. System should reboot into the LuCI web interface of LEDE.